Intelligent Pipeline Leakage Detection and Diagnosis System

Título: Intelligent Pipeline Leakage Detection and Diagnosis System

Autores: Laurentys, C. A.; Bomfim, C. H.; Caminhas, W. M.; Menezes, B.

Resumo: This work proposes and implements and validates a methodology to develop a leakage detection and diagnosis system applied to a pipeline distribution system of petroleum. This system helps to improve the operation reliability when transferring petroleum and its products through pipeline, minimizing the accident probability with personal and environmental consequences. In order to reach all goals mentioned the system uses a pipeline phenomenological model concept to achieve fault detection. By using a real time computational pipeline monitoring tool, based on a neural network implementation, this work increases considerably the chance to detect and diagnosis a leakage prematurely.

Palavras-chave: Neural Networks; Fault Detection; Fault Diagnosis

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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBRN2005-078

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