Sensores Inteligentes: Uma abordagem Simbólico-Conexionista

Título: Sensores Inteligentes: Uma abordagem Simbólico-Conexionista

Autores: Silva, Francisco de A. Tavares F.; Lucena, Antonio Macílio P.

Resumo: The work presents the development of Computing Intelligence techniques, applied on Smart Sensors devices, to be embedded in a next generation of Remote Sensing Satellites. The proposal presents a symbolic-connectionist approach to be implemented in high performance computing, under re-configurable hardware toward space qualification. The major objective is to insert new possibilities of Intelligent Signal Processing embedded on space engines or Systems for Embedded Intelligent Processing (SPIE Portuguese speaking). This proposal contemplates the development of a neural computer joint to an Expert System, applied on sensors fusion tasks, for example, in the visible and near infrared spectrum, and others. In a first approach this system shall be considered on detection and managing of alarms and alerts, near real time, over biomass burning and environmental pollution.


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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBRN2003-089

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