Um Critério para Retirada de Arcos em Redes Bayesianas

Título: Um Critério para Retirada de Arcos em Redes Bayesianas

Autores: Junior, Luiz G. Q. S.; Gurjão, E. C.; Assis, F. M.; Pinto, Ernesto L.

Resumo: In Bayesian networks propagation of information is done with messages sent between adjacent nodes. However, if some nodes of a network are in loop, messages can circulate endlessly between them, giving rise to a serious setback concerning the application of such network. Some techniques have been proposed to overcome this problem. One of them consists of breaking the loop by appropriate removal of one of its arcs. In this paper a new criterion is proposed for selecting arcs to be removed with the same aim. This criterion is based on the conditioned entropy of random variables assigned to the nodes that form an arc. An illustrative example of its application is also presented.


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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBRN2003-044

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