“Ranking” de Bancos de Sangue Baseado em Mapas Auto-Organizáveis

Título: “Ranking” de Bancos de Sangue Baseado em Mapas Auto-Organizáveis

Autores: Martins, Weber; Silva, José Carlos Meira e

Resumo: There are applications that require ordered instances modeled by high dimensional vectors. Despite the reasonable quantity of papers on the areas of classification and clustering and its crescent importance, papers on ranking are rare. Usual solutions are not generic and demand specialist knowledge on the specification of the weight of each component and, therefore, the definition of a ranking function. This paper proposes a generic procedure for ranking, based on unidimensional self-organizing maps (SOMs). Additionally, the similarity metric used by SOM is modified and automatically adjusted by a genetic search that seeks for the best ranking that matches the desired probability distribution provided by the specialist expectation. Promising results were achieved on the ranking of data from blood banks inspections.


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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBRN2001-082

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