Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods with Uncertainty Scenarios

Título: Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods with Uncertainty Scenarios

Autores: Alves, Marcos;Guimarães, Frederico

Fuzzy Multi-criteria decision making methods have been provided to help the decision-makers in their complex decisions about future uncertainties. Taking into consideration uncertainties such vagueness and scenarios, this paper aims to apply the methods Fuzzy-MultiMoora, Fuzzy-Topsis Linear, Fuzzy-Topsis Vector, Fuzzy-Vikor and Fuzzy-Waspas in a practical Hydrothermal Dispatch. Five scenarios were evaluated varying hydrology and energy demand parameters, from very pessimistic to very optimistic. Two decision makers made explicit their preferences weighting three criteria: Cost, Rationing and Distance. The normalized fuzzy numbers were calculated using the concept of alpha-cuts. Finally, the indexes were aggregated into a final ordering considering weights for the methods based on Kendall tau distance. The best solutions were compared in relation to the criteria. It was observed that these solutions presented good results in all scenarios evaluated, which confirms the good results.

Fuzzy MCDM; Uncertainty Scenarios; Hydrothermal Dispatch.

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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBIC2017-46

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