Evolução Diferencial Otimizado por Lógica Nebulosa

Título: Evolução Diferencial Otimizado por Lógica Nebulosa

Autores: Ferrari, Allan C. Krainski; Leandro, Gideon Villar; Oliveira, Gustavo H. C.; Ribeiro, Eduardo Parente

Resumo: This work applies changes in the differential evolution algorithm via fuzzy logic, in order to reduce the computational effort in the identification process of a multivariable system. This work is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the differential evolution algorithm is simulated several times to obtain the best values: cross rate, mutation rate and population size. This step is also determined the best model of representation of multivariable system that is used in the second stage. In the second stage, the modifications based on fuzzy logic are applied. These modifications adjust the values of cross rate and mutation rate, in real time. The results show that the modifications implemented improve the efficiency of the conventional differential evolution algorithm.

Palavras-chave: Differencial Evoluntion; Multivariable System; Fuzzy Logic; Turning Parameters Online

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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBIC2015-019

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