A Java-Based Code Generator for Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms

Título: A Java-Based Code Generator for Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms

Autores: Silva, Jackson Amaral da; Cortes, Omar A. Carmona; Silva, Josenildo Costa da

Resumo: Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) are able to find out solutions in many fields and complex disciplines. Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms (PEAs) solve many kinds of problems, as well; moreover it overcomes problems with run time constraints when the problems being solved are much more complex. Thereby, we can state that PEAs can be efficient and faster than a regular EA. On the other hand, parallel programming brings new substantial problems to the developers that have to deal with synchronization and a different debugging process, increasing the learning curve and the programming efforts. In this context, we developed a web-based software that automatically creates java code for parallel genetic algorithms and parallel evolutionary strategies, reducing the required time to develop this kind of application. Two parallel models were implemented, the island model and master-slave. Further, the design patterns strategy and observer were applied in the generation of the PEAs code in order to increase the software maintainability and legibility. An experiment was conducted in order to show how our software can reduce the time consuming of an EA.

Palavras-chave: Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms; Automatic Code Creation; Design Patterns

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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBIC2013-072

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