Pattern Recognition Principle as a Solution to Ambiguous Cognitive Definitions

Título: Pattern Recognition Principle as a Solution to Ambiguous Cognitive Definitions: Proposal of a Pattern Recognition Principle Set to Solve the Problem of Ambiguity in Definitions of Cognitive Concepts in Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Mind

Autores: Paiva, Gilberto de

Resumo: This work proposes one solution to the problem of ambiguous definitions of many difficult cognitive functions like consciousness. The cognitive functions definitions are constructed over simple Pattern Recognition mechanisms and properties. First a physical definition of the Pattern Recognition concept is given to relate the primitive cognitive functions as physical quantities variations. It is proposed also a model on how any cognitive function can be described from simple physical Pattern Recognition systems to arguably more complex cognitive Pattern Recognition systems (neurological or computational). From describing some basic cognitive functions like instincts and learning, the model proposes unambiguous definitions of any cognitive function.

Palavras-chave: Pattern Recognition; Ambiguous Definitions; Cognitive Functions; Consciousness

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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBIC2013-172

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