Using Dynamic Pupillometry Into A Distributed Healthcare System

Título: Using Dynamic Pupillometry Into A Distributed Healthcare System

Autores: Belo, Fernando D.; Zimmer, Alessandro; Marques, Jefferson Luiz Brum; Ferrari, Giselle L.

Resumo: Reducing the complexity of diagnostic systems and methods allows a larger number of medical centers, mainly those in small cities and in isolated regions, due to the easy of use and the smaller complexity for adoption. On the other hand, centralizing the database and diagnostic evaluation of the results allows for traditional and newly diagnostic methods to be applied analyzing a larger set of patients and clinical conditions that can lead to new clinical findings. While dynamic pupillometry has been proposed as a simpler and more sensitive tool to detect subclinical autonomic dysfunction, this paper proposes using it integrate to a distributed medical healthcare system that integrates several small modules via internet, while allowing enabling medical centers to have access to data acquired in that distributed manner with the potential to apply advanced diagnostic methods.

Palavras-chave: Dynamic pupillometry; distributed healthcare system; autonomic nervous system

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Código DOI: 10.21528/CBIC2011-13.1

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